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"Read This Report Before You Even Think About Joining or Paying for a MLM Program or Home-Based Business

"I've Spent Years 'In the Trenches' of Most Every Home Based Program Out There and Here are My Findings..."

From the Desk of:
Dr. William DeAngelo
Denver, CO
Publisher and Senior Reviewer:

   If you are thinking about investing an a MLM or Network Marketing opportunity then you absolutely must read this report first.

   Wouldn't it be nice to make a ton of money with minimal effort from home in your underwear?  I know that I'd love to have more time with my family and have tens of thousands of dollars flowing into my bank account each month working only a few hours a week from the comfort of my own home, no boss looking over my shoulder.

   Is this really possible?

   Is there a way to make a ton of money working from home with little work and a low investment? Or even a high investment if the return is high enough to make sense?

   It doesn't matter if it is Muti-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, real estate investing, selling by classified ads, stock marketing investing, buying a book/course on how to build your own internet business, internet affiliate marketing, or High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP's).

   We've all been told the same fantastic claims of how these individuals make a ton of money and how they can show you ways to duplicate their success.

   Let's get serious, you are here for the truth...

   You're here because you're researching an MLM/Network Marketing opportunity. I'll even bet that right now you are so excited about that new business that you're having trouble sleeping, visions of Ferraris and mansions dancing through your head.

   Am I right?

   You're on a desperate search for some way to change your situation, someway to make more money and spend more time at home, right?

   Somehow you can across this program, a "business." The website is packed with promises of easy money and part time work. Maybe you've even talked on the phone with a "representative." If you have then you know how convincing they can be. They are salespeople, trained salespeople.

   Hey, you know that movie, The Matrix? Remember when Neo has to chose whether to take the blue or the red pill? The red one will take him down the rabbit hole and he'll learn the truth. Take the blue one and he stays in a happy state of ignorance.

   Which one do you want? The blue or the red pill? Do you want the truth? I hope so.

   If you picked the red one then let's keep going...

   I have learned over the last 5 years that 99% of these people and their systems are total frauds. They are mere schemes that prey on the hopes and dreams of people that want to make a better life for themselves. Honest hardworking people like you.

   You may have fallen prey to some of these scam artists, convincing you to buy their latest "get rich quick" scam.

   Me too.

   I spent the better part of the last 5 years in several different opportunities. Trying to make it work...

   I don't know why, but I guess I see the "good" in people and was "sold" time and time again after being duped by their marketing scheme. That is until I got FED UP!

   I've seen more people than I can remember who's lives were destroyed by the "opportunities" they joined. Some ended up in bankruptcy after investing all of their money in the false hopes they were fed over and over. I saw more than one marriage destroyed by the stresses that no money can bring. I saw people's relationships ruined because of they put so much time into their "opportunity" that their lives crumbled around them.

   It's just sad...

   Finally, I decided to do something about it.  I decided to stop participating in this grotesque MLM/Home-Based business industry. I couldn't watch anyone else get hurt.

   See, this is the way these things work. You're looking for a way to make extra money working from home. You don't have any grand ideas, just a few extra hundred bucks a month, maybe a thousand. A few extra hundred a month would change most people's life.

   You start looking, in the newspaper, on the internet (that's how you found me, thank goodness). You come across something that looks promising. Maybe it's selling herbal supplements, long distance service, health insurance, special "magic" juice, gas pills, or any of the other junk these people are peddling.

   The long and short of it is you come across something that looks very promising on the outside, very promising. You're only going to have to work a few hours a day and you're going to get rich. You'll have a passive income for life. You're going to work Smart, not Hard (heard that one before?) You're told that this company is about to explode and you "have" to get in now to take advantage of it.


   Shall we look into the future? I've been there, I know...

   You sign up, pay your fees, get started with your "training." A month passes by and you've been on all the training calls, learning everything you need to succeed. You've gone through all the material. You are so hyped up that you'll swear by the products and the business, you want nothing more than to achieve everything your upline or "leader" has. The cars, the house, the money.

   You follow all the instructions, everything you've been told to do. The marketing, the meetings, the prospecting, the cold calling, the sales closing, everything...

   You're now spending 8 to 10 hours a day, everyday, not quite the part-time gig it was supposed to be, trying to recruit people and sell product. You get on every training call, keep reading all the material.

   Guess what? You've been had.

  Yep, you know what you just bought into? The worst paid 80 hour a week job imaginable. I'm talking way below minimum wage here. If you even make a penny a day you are one of the lucky few.

  You're going to work your butt off for nothing. But, you'll keep sinking money into your "business" believing what they tell you.

   Please, please, for your own sake don't do that. Just don't.

   Right now you're saying, "but Bill, I want to work for myself from home, I want to make extra money, I deserve a better life."

   You're absolutely right, you do deserve everything, but you have to go about it the right way.

  On to the good news...

   During my exodus from the MLM industry, I did find a few programs that are run by real business owners that put real money in your pocket each month. They each have the potential to create a full-time income from home. These programs actually have a huge percentage of their membership actually making money.

   They don't require that you recruit anyone, make any phone calls,  or host any meetings. Hell, with one you won't even have to do any marketing, and it actually requires only about 15-30 minutes a day.

   I realized quickly that I had found a couple of diamonds in the proverbial rough.

   I spoke to the owners of these programs and can assure you they are real people who are really interested in helping you make money. The websites are packed with information and the products are filled with money making information. I contacted some of the people that use these programs and they are all in fact making money, some of them are making $10,000 and more per month and some are making a few hundred extra dollars each and every month. But, don't take my word for it, go check out the sites. You decide.


Side Bar -

I don't want you to rush to buy or join these programs. That's right, I said NOT to buy or join these programs now. I want you to wait and make sure that you have wasted your money on all of the other useless, lame programs you'll find before you buy these. Make sure that you have bought all of the other programs that will fail, and you know they will fail, then come back and try these proven winners.


   These programs and courses do charge fees (some minimal and some larger) to get started but that is to be expected with any real business. I found that they had a great staff that was willing to help me succeed. I recommend that you join these programs quickly because they are filling up fast. The owners are afraid that they may have to shut off the membership so they can serve everyone in a professional manner. Their staff is already stretched quite thin.

   Well, my search for legitimate opportunities for real people like you and me has come to an end. I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed with what's available out there and I would advise you to not take chances on any programs other than the ones listed. If you do, however, I won't say I told you so!

   I wish you success in whatever decision you make and I sincerely hope that you find the program that will give you the life you are searching for.

   Whatever you do **DO NOT** buy or pay to join any of these programs until you have tried all of the other MLM/Home-Based Businesses out there and are unsatisfied with them, as you and I both **KNOW** you will be.


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  All the best,

Dr. William DeAngelo
Publisher and Senior Reviewer

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